Pick your fun with our FREE tickets and our top 10 best activities!

We all understand the importance of play! Simply put, it is the core of a child’s development in terms of language, emotional intelligence and regulation, creativity, and intellectual reasoning.
So it seems fairly obvious, but what is ‘play’?
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Have no set goals
  • Being spontaneous and voluntary
  • Involving active engagement
  • Involving an element of make-believe
Our top 10 activities for play are:
  1. Sand
  2. Water play
  3. Play dough
  4. Dress up and role play
  5. Doll and Character Play
  6. Drawing and Painting
  7. Blocks, Jigsaws, and Shape Sorters
  8. Music, Dancing, and Singing
  9. Imaginative Play
  10. Running, Jumping, Climbing, Swinging
That’s why we’ve created these play tickets to act as invitations to play.

This fun ticket is designed to be download / printed and enjoyed at home.  Stick it somewhere your little ones can reach, so they can tear off the little tickets themselves and decide that they want to do!

TOP TIP:  To make it extra fun, print the fun pass on coloured paper.  We’ve created this one in black and white so it saves your ink levels!

We hope you enjoy it!  We would LOVE to see your play pictures and the activities you choose.  Please tag us @littletwinkletoes.ltt so we can share on social media and spread the word!

Remember to share with your friends. We all need a helping hand when it comes to juggling child play and working from home or even getting things done around the house or having a bit of ‘me time’!


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