Everything you need to know about Wishing Well Boxes!

What is a Wishing Well?

A Wising Well is a pretty box which holds cards, donations, predictions, letters for all types of events, such as weddings, baby showers, gender reveal parties and significant birthday parties!  With up to 60% of weddings now having wishing wells, you won’t want to be without one of your big day.  These can be kept for keepsakes after the event, including our favourite… gender reveal and baby shower parties!

How can I make my Wishing Well special?

We would always suggest making your wishing well personalised, especially for big events such as Weddings, Baby Showers and significant birthday parties!  Our style of wishing wells are minimalist, sleek and modern, perfect for all occasions.  We design and manufacture all our vinyls from scratch, with each hand in our West Sussex Studio.  Putting hashtags on your acrylic box is another nice idea.

Can I customise my wishing well box?

Yes!  You can completely customise your wishing well box from adding vinyl on all sides of the box, using different vinyl colours, whether it be text, icons or florals.  The possibilities are endless.  We make all our wishing wells to order, just for you in any style, dimensions, style or colour.  We also have standard sizes to.

How to style my Wishing Well?

We offer an extensive range of acrylic colours to match your décor, so always make sure its within your colour scheme.  All our vinyl is designed and cut in house, so we can design logos, type, use specific fonts to match your existing style.

How to look after your Wishing Well?

Our Wishing Wells are carefully constructed to sit pretty and be a standout feature for your event.  Our Wishing Wells aren’t designed to withstand repetitive or rough handling. Please always carry the Wishing Well securely by the base.




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