5 minutes with the ultimate in cake push pops, Laura Rose from Party Pop’s

This week we grabbed 5 minutes with the ultimate in cake push pops, Laura Rose at Party Pop’s.…

Can you explain what Party Pops are?

Party Pops are yummy layers of cake and frosting in a push pop container. Making cake fun, personalised and mess free. The colour of cake and frosting can be matched to any theme of your celebration. Our personalised labels add that special touch as well.

It’s a really unique spin on eating cake, where did the idea come from and when did you start your business?

I’ve always enjoyed making birthday cakes but there is so much competition out there I wanted something unique and had seen these fabulous pops and thought let’s see where this goes.

It’s great to have an idea, but how did you get the idea off the ground and make it such a successful business?

I think if you have an idea just go with it, what have you got to lose. I started off with family and friends and then decided to launch on Facebook and Instagram and go from there. Eventually I’d like to have a website but each order is so personalised and I love having that relationship with my clients.

You’ve nearly got 10,000 followers on Instagram, how did that happen? What advice would you give people to grow their following?

I never thought I would get close to 10k followers and can’t wait until I do. It’s taken a while to get anywhere close and I’m still not sure how I’ve managed it, or what the tricks of Instagram are . But I’m so thankful for every follower I have.

You’ve worked with lots of celebrities, who’s been your favourite and why?

They’ve all been so lovely – Amber DaviesBillie Faiers, Chloe Sims and Kimberley Walsh were a pleasure to work with.

Have you ever been asked to do gender reveal Party Pops? When the pops reveal the sex of the baby?

I’ve done gender reveal baby showers but when I’ve provided half pink and half blue – I’d love to do Pops that reveal the gender but need to work on the labels as my pops are see through.

Do you have children yourself?

I am lucky enough to have two beautiful children – I have Jesse who is 6 and Emmy who is 3.

How do you balance work life with your family?

I find balance hard (just ask my husband) there are weeks when I’m so busy that juggling cakes and children is almost impossible. But we can only try our best and my clients understand that.

What’s the best way of people getting in touch with you if they want to order some yummy Party Pops?

We can be reached via Instagram @_partypops


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