5 minutes with… Family photographer Katie Mccaffrey

This week we grabbed 5 minutes with family photographer Katie Mccaffrey to chat about newborn photography, her inspiration and her Baby Shower advice…

Where did your passion for family photography start?

Photography has always been my go to creative outlet from a young age, I still remember looking at the world through the view finder of my toy camera and mentally capturing different details around me. After my photography degree I enjoyed several years at M&S providing their online and brochure imagery, it was here I learnt how much I loved working on kids and baby photography. I loved the fact you never knew what shots you would get, children are so spontaneous and fun. I now get to capture ‘real’ families and get to share their special moments and emotion – what’s not to love about that!

Who’s your inspiration?

People, moments and all the little details.

When you’re not taking photographs what are you up to?

I’m lucky enough to be a mum to Alex, my almost 2 year old son/ little in-house comedian! He is a big socialite so we spend a lot of time meeting up with his friends at various soft play and park locations! Being a mum is one of the best things that happened to me, and I’m so happy that I get to spend so much time watching him grow alongside capturing other people’s memories.

What are your top tips for taking family photographs?

Be in your photos! This is one I struggle with being a photographer myself, but to have pictures of moments together as a family truly is priceless! And don’t be afraid to let go and get caught up in the moment.  Luckily the ‘say cheese’ days are gone and family photography is all about enjoying the time as a family, so when you look back you can not only see a beautiful image, but one that shows the essence of your family/ child / baby or bump!

When is the best time to take newborn photographs?

It is often said the best time for newborn photos is in the first 14 days as they tend to be more sleepy at this time for posed shots. But being a mum I know how hard it can be to get out the house in those early stages! And every baby is different Alex wasn’t a keen sleeper early on, but I got a beautiful shot of him at 1 month that I will cherish forever! It is not an overly posed shot and the props used are his own, so when I look back at that shot I see first his cute little face then the hat I picked before he was born to bring him home in, along with his lovingly gifted blanket. So I would say there is not a bad time to book a newborn shoot but do book one as you will not live to regret having those precious shots of your new arrival.

What’s the one piece of advice you would give to new parents?

Enjoy every moment it goes so fast! Oh and take all the advice given (within reason) try it once maybe twice but then rest in the knowledge that you are the best judge of what is right for you and your baby.

What is the best time to photograph your bump?

The optimum time to take pictures is in your 7-8 month or around 30- 36 weeks. Similar to organising a Baby Shower you don’t want to leave it too late in case baby makes an early appearance but you want to show off that beautiful bump!

Speaking of Baby Showers, did you have one?

I did indeed! I wish all the cool stuff like Little Twinkle Toes gorgeous cake toppers, favour tags and prediction/advice cards had been available when I had mine! The best thing about it was getting all the girls together and playing games! It was like reliving my hen party without the hangover the next day!

What’s your favourite Baby Shower gifts?

I love Adan and Anais muslins they have the most beautiful designs and you can never have enough muslins to hand. Cuddle and Kind and Poppy and Honesty also do beautiful handmade cuddly friends and blankets.

Would you have a Baby Shower or gender reveal party for your second child?

Funny you ask as I was thinking about this the other day, I would definitely want to celebrate a second baby, as we would be really excited for Alex to have a brother or sister, but I think I would prefer a gender reveal party for a second so both my Husband and Alex could join in the fun with team girl and team boy badges and a gender reveal cake – never a bad excuse to eat cake!

Thanks so much Katie for answering our questions, please check out Katie’s website here, you’ll find her portfolio, testimonials, pricing as well as her blog and contact information.

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